“We started using your product for the 2005 Apple Crunch celebration and have been using it ever since! Our students (and staff) love your product… Keep up the good work!”

Sue Royer

Food Service Director, Hollidaysburg Area School District

“We believe fresh-cut apples is the round peg for the round hole in school food service. We found in tests they increased apple movement 80% when they served fresh-cut apples, as opposed to whole apples.”

Welcome Sauer

Director of New Business Development,
Washington Apple Commission

“We have been serving Appeeling Fruit’s 2 oz. bags of fresh apple slices for five years in our school lunch program. The reasons we like this product are the appearance of the package, the great taste of the apples, how well the children enjoy them and the serving convenience for our cafeteria staff. The fact that the product is available the entire school year is an advantage. Overall, the apple slices have worked very well in our operation.”

David Lloyd

Food Service Director, Harrisburg PA, School District

“I am a Kindergarten teacher and one of my students brought your product in to school as a special snack. Congratulations on your product and a big Thank You for promoting healthy snacks for children. All the children loved the apples – great job!”

Louise Kadingo

St. Ambrose School, Schuylkill Haven, PA