Food Safety


Appeeling Fruit Holdings has unrivaled commitment to food safety.  Appeeling Fruit Holdings food safety and quality policy is to provide safe, quality and competitive products of the highest standards that conform to all regulatory and customer requirements along with meeting food safety best practices.  The food safety and quality programs at Appeeling Fruit Holdings are of utmost importance in daily operations. 

 Appeeling Fruit Holdings is committed to maintaining an effective Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized certification scheme, SQF Level 2, and to support its ongoing improvement through the adoption of a food safety quality management (FSQM) system containing food safety policies and procedures that meet legal requirements and industry best practices so reflecting the competence of the company to customers and independent authorities.  As part of this commitment Management has established processes to improve the effectiveness of the FSQM to demonstrate continuous improvement.

 Appeeling Fruit Holdings recognizes that a successful food safety culture can be achieved only by following safe working practices and procedures developed through effective hazard analysis, training and experience.  This is accomplished by utilizing broad-based Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) to ensure consistent food safety with a full hazard analysis of all food related operations.  HACCP is a globally recognized system used to identify, reduce or eliminate potential food safety hazards. 

 It is the responsibility of all employees to competently carry out their jobs, especially when it comes to food safety and quality.  Appeeling Fruit Holdings conducts appropriate training to safety4educate new and existing employees about critical food safety topics and to enable them to perform their tasks in a hygienic manner so that the safety of the food they handle is not put at risk.  All employees are required to cooperate with any authorized person to ensure that statutory and regulatory obligations are properly complied with. 

 Management is committed to the food safety and quality program at Appeeling Fruit Holdings and engages in numerous activities to ensure that we live up to that promise.  Internal and external audit results are reviewed along with the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the FSQM system, including the food safety and quality policy.