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Food Safety is not
just a practice

it is a priority!

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Greetings from Appeeling Fruit

Member of the Peterson Farms Family of Companies

Appeeling Fruit Holdings (AFH) is a producer of fresh sliced apples located in the heart of Dauberville, Pennsylvania.

AFH prides itself on being an industry leader in quality, food safety, and innovation of fresh sliced apple products. We believe in customer service, satisfaction, and product quality above all other standards in our continuous strive for excellence. AFH places a high value on sourcing locally grown fruit and supporting our community to the best of our ability.


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How we became so Appeeling

Appeeling Fruit Holdings (AFH) has been in the business of slicing apples since 1991. Initially, we supplied our apple slices as an industrial ingredient to bakeries that were looking for a fresh product opposed to the standard frozen or canned product. Let's be honest, nothing beats fresh apples.

As a company we began to visualize opportunities on the consumer level that would only come to with the ability to provide a longer shelf life product…

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